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If you're like thousands of other hemorrhoid sufferers looking for an effective hemorrhoid cure, you've probably already tried the most common approaches; creams, ointments, suppositories, medical pads, pills etc. Maybe you have even tried some of the better products such as Avatrol, Hem-Relief or Venapro and you found some temporary hem relief from the burning, bleeding, itching and discomfort, only to have it flare up again.

Lets face it. Most over the counter remedies Do Nothing to treat the root cause of hemorrhoids. They merely treat the symptoms and try to reduce the severity. That's only good for your pharmacist and the drug companies who keep you coming back for more, trying one product after another desperately trying to find something that works.

I think it's no coincidence that there are so many hemorrhoid products on the market that do very little to actually cure your hemorrhoids, but do just enough to keep them at bay, provided you keep taking them every day, usually in high dosages. You know, the ones where you need to sign up for a continuing monthly supply of pills. Did you know that some of these products can cost you over $100 each month just taking them at the recommended dose!

When you consider that 50% of the population will suffer from hemorrhoids at some point in their lives you realize how much money that means to these big drug companies if they can keep you buying their products on a regular monthly basis. No wonder there is no interest in developing a hemorrhoid cure that actually works. How could they possibly make more money if they sold you a product that cured your hemorrhoids for good?


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