Hemorrhoids Proctologist

December 2, 2009

Hemorrhoids – Specialist Treatment & Your Rights

Hemorrhoids Specialists

While hemorrhoids are not fatal, they can result in a reduced quality of life, since they can cause pain, irritation and trauma in the anal area. Also, it is frequently hard to find a medical treatment that is completely effective for your complaint.

Hemorrhoids, in its entirety, is not a serious condition, but the region they are in is severely receptive and vulnerable to chronic damage from badly managed treatments – a reputable hemorrhoid physician or surgeon is necessary if your hemorrhoids have deteriorated beyond what is easily treatable.

If your hemorrhoids aren’t severe, not bleeding, and can be remedied using home treatments, your hemorrhoid physician will typically tell you to include more fibre in your diet, provide you with some prescriptions, suggest a Sitz bath, and possibly supply you with mild pain relievers, either in gel or tablet form. If, on the other hand, your doctor thinks your problem is more serious and further ramifications might occur, he will refer you to a specialist, which is a proctologist.

Your household physician is typically versed with all the specialists in your region and can refer one that’s suitable for you, thus you ought to feel free to express your preferences regarding exactly what you would prefer in a Dr who will be examining such a delicate and private region of your anatomy.

You should not feel shame because of the sensitive nature of hemorrhoids as all patients are protected by the Patient Bill of Rights, which you can invariably access. This legislation may range from country to country, and possibly simply from institution to institution, but a segment of it is your right to totally understand any type of remedy or medicine that will be done to you before the genuine operation, and your right to a fundamental human respect and freedom from discrimination and public exposure.

You also have the right to choose your personal physician, so always call for more explanation if required and never pause to invite a different doctor if at any point you feel discomfort. If you’re a lady, you can invariably invite a female proctologist if you would find it uncomfortable having a male proctologist examining your private areas.

A proctologist is a medical specialist that deals with hemorrhoids. Generally he deals with the anorectal canal and connective body structures. In simple terms, if you have a problem with hemorrhoids, he is the physician that can furnish you with facts in addition to suitable treatments.

After the initial ocular inspection, the proctologist will administer an anoscope within the rectum to look at internal hemorrhoids. It is a metal tube that has a port that twenty five percent of the anal canal’s wall can be seen at one time. You might have it warmed up to a respected temperature, if needed.

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